Teler Pitha With Molasses

Hey, everyone i am back with another winter sweet pitha recipe. All of them i like teler pitha with molasses very much. When ever i go home, mother always make for me with her happily face because she knows i love it. From super fresh new molasses i made this one, before explaining the recipe i tell you the pitha is deep fried.

teler pitha

From the start of winter i am writing about different pitha recipe, all are made in steamed.  Today i first post a different recipe, which is teler pitha. In my childhood I remembered how mom  made pitha for us by awaking over night. In the morning we found out many pithas on shelves. But in these days things are so easy and simple. We got blender just switch the pluck your homemade flour is ready. Back then dheki was used for blending rice or any hard things of grocery. But we can not ignore also with using traditional way the pitha was made just awesome to taste.In my recipe i am using homemade flour and store bought molasses. You can try it at home easily and taste a great deshi food. So lets go to the kitchen.


4cup rice flour

2cup molasses

3cup oil

1cup all purpose flour


Prep Time: 10min

Cook Time: 20min

Total Time: 30min

How To Make Teler Pitha With Molasses: 

  1. To make the pitha you have to make rice flour at home.
  2. Heat a pan, add water and molasses to boil. Keep it aside to cool down.
  3. Then take a bowl and rice flour, mix salt and all purpose flour.
  4. Mix water slowly to make batter, next add molasses and stir continuously.
  5. Check the consistency of batter thickness, if its not ready add more rice flour and normal flour.
  6. Sprinkle some black cumin to enhance its taste.
  7. Heat oil high on a pan, deep fry the batter in your preferable size. I used a little cup to make my pitha, as you can in pic tutorial.
  8. When one side looks golden brown, flip over to the next side.
  9. Take the pitha from pan with a slotted spoon and transfer it to a towel paper.
  10. Continue the same process repeatedly.
  11. Next serve it and enjoy.


Homemade rice flour

Black cumin



Heating molasses

Hot molasses

Take a bowl

Add rice flour

Sprinkle salt

All purpose flour

Mix them all together

Slowly add water


Melted molasses


If needed add more rice flour and normal flour

 Yes now this is the perfect batter

Add black cumin

Mix it

Heat oil

When it is super hot with a little cup add batter

Flip over fried like golden brown and remove from pan

Ready to serve 


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