Teler Pitha With Sugar Recipe

Teler Pitha With Sugar recipe – one of Bengali sweet snacks or pitha which is made of rice flour by deep frying. Although it is tasty and yummy, so you can serve it as snacks for your family or sudden guests appearance.

Teler Pitha With Sugar Recipe

Being honest you have to be careful with these recipe because the rice flour of it. It has to be home made not the store bought. When first time i tried this waste a lot of store rice flour. What the texture was needed to make the pitha, i didn’t get then. Being upset i called mom and said what happened with my recipe. Also asked her you always make so easily why i am not getting it. She laughed at me and replied you seemed the pitha but didn’t saw the rice flour making. That is the most important thing for that recipe so make the right flour making process. Then again make pitha and tell me after that what happens. So i followed her instructions and made the pitha. Now here is i am telling my recipe with you.I soak rice overnight, drain water and make flour with stone grinder, you can use blender machine and sieve the flour. Next making process step by step following my picture tutorial. There is another recipe of same pitha with a little difference, i make the teler pitha with molasses instead of sugar. 

Lets go to the kitchen room. 



2cup rice flour

1/2cup sugar

Prep Time: 10min

Cook Time: 20min

Total Time: 30min

How To Make Teler Pitha With Sugar Recipe:

  1. To make syrup we have to boil water and add sugar, then heating sometime cool it down.
  2. take rice flour, sprinkle salt and add sugar syrup. 
  3. make a batter with syrup if it is not enough to have right consistency add a little water.
  4. the batter will not thick nor thin just the middle one.
  5. heat a pan with oil on high level and add batter with a cup.
  6. after frying one side flip other side to fry.
  7. remove the pitha from pan.
  8. and repeat for the next batch.
  9. after all making serve.
  10. enjoy.




1.Take a pan to make your syrup and heat it

2.add water to boil mix sugar

4.stir a little

5.make rice flour

6.sprinkle salt

7.add syrup

8.make batter like this with syrup if need add water a little

9.the batter will not thick nor thin

10.heat high and add oil on a pan

11.add batter with a help of little cup

12.when one side done, flip over another side

13.remove from pan

14.ready to serve


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