Tehari/ Beef Curry Rice Recipe

Tehari is a combined dish of  beef curry and rice. Old Dhaka city is the root of this delicious dish. In my home there is a fixed time to make tehari on Friday, everyone loves it a lot. Very quick and simple way you can make the tasty dish tehari/ beef curry rice recipe.Tehari/ Beef Curry Rice RecipeOnce in every week, sometime twice i have to cook tehari/ beef curry rice recipe, there is no option otherwise to cook, after all public demand is so high. Tehari/ beef curry rice recipe is a popular dish of old Dhaka city. In that part of city, their dishes are enriched with lots of spices and also fried but taste is so yummy. It is so simple and easy to cook. By my picture tutorial anyone can cook within a hour without any trouble.Many people make it in their own ways, i did the worlds easiest way to make tehari, just joking. Same like other but with a little my magic way. Later i will show you the chicken version. Same process only chicken is used instead of beef. Keep in touch and of course try it at home, tell me how it turns out for you.Tehari/ Beef Curry Rice RecipeLets go into my little kitchen to make tehari/ beef curry with aromatic rice and read my story.


1kg beef

1kg aromatic rice

2tb sp ginger paste

2tbl sp garlic paste

Chili powder 2tb sp

1sp cumin powder

1/2sp black pepper

3cup potato cube

Salt per taste

1cup onion

1/2cup ghee

yogurt 1/2cup

Green chili

10 cardamon

6 cinnamon

3 bay leaf

8 cloves

Prep Time: 10min ( except marinate time)

Cook Time: 45min

Total Time: 55min

How To Make Tehari/ Beef Curry Rice Recipe:

  • First you have to wash the beef and aromatic rice,then drain water. Later mix all the spices step by step.
  • Marinate the meat for 30min and if you have time, keep it in freeze overnight.
  • Then cook marinated beef very well, i used pressure cooker but you can use any utensils to cook.
  • In the mid time fry the potato like golden brown.
  • Take a large pan to make tehari, beef 1kg, rice 1kg, water and potato, that means almost 3kg mixture. So you have to take near 3litre pan or utensil.

Next step:

  • Heat oil and fry onion, then add cinnamon, cardamon, bay leaf and saute very well.
  • Also a little ginger and garlic paste and add soaked rice.
  • Fry them together and evaporates the water from rice.
  • Next add cooked meat and mix together slowly.
  • When mixing complete add add warm water. I took 1kg rice so the water measurement will double of rice which means 2litre water. It is the easy way to measure when cooking one pot rice dish.

Next step:

  • And now add chili, potato, salt.
  • Cover and cook for 15min on high heat.
  • When evaporates water and bubbling a little, it is time to low the heat and spread ghee all over.
  • With your hand jerk the pan to up and down the dish, do not use spoon. Over stirring can ruin the dish.
  • At last heat at very low temperature to cook slowly. It is the key of taste. So please do not skip the process.
  • Ready to serve.
  • Enjoy. 


Spices;  cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon, black pepper

cardamom, cumin, salt, chili

Ginger, garlic, yogurt, Ghee


Aromatic rice

Potato, onion, green chili


Add yogurt

Ginger paste

Garlic paste

Add red chili powder per your taste

Cumin powder

Black pepper powder

Add salt

Crush loves, cardamom, cinnamon

Add crushed spices

Mix them and keep them aside for 30min,

if you have time then more time marinate

Fry the potato

Fried potato

Add oil

marinated beef

Adjust water with your cooker

Cooking meat

Cooked beef

Take a large pan, fry onion

Saute with bay leaf, loves, cardamom, cinnamon


Add soaked aromatic rice and stir until it becomes fried

Add cooked beef

Mix them well

 lukewarm water double of rice you take

Add green chili

Add fried potato and cook on high heat 15min

After evaporating water, when a little bubble comes, low the heat

Spread ghee, cover and cook on very low heat for 15min 

Ready to serve and enjoy.

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