Tasty Rice Flour Pudding

Tasty rice flour pudding is very easy and simple to make. But the taste is just yummy. I actually made it for puli pitha which cook in steaming process. I will share later the puli recipe. Today i am sharing the quick rice flour pudding.

Tasty Rice Flour Pudding

For making the recipe first i made semolina by sieving rice flour. You can easily cook by following my picture tutorial.

Lets go to my little kitchen.


1cup rice flour semolina 

2cup molasses 

3 Cardamom

1/2cup coconut grated

2cup milk

Prep Time: 5min

Cook Time: 15min

Total Time: 20min

How To Make Tasty Rice Flour Pudding:

  1. At first make rice flour at home. After making rice flour at home and sieve the flour, by that semolina will appear in your siever.
  2. Heat a pan and add rice semolina, saute a little bit. After cooking a little remove it from pan.
  3. Add coconut to roast a little bit, then add water, cinnamon, rice semolina.
  4. After cooking some time mix milk to enhance its taste.
  5. In the middle time i have heated molasses with water and cool down.
  6.  Add molasses and stir.
  7. Cook some time and then ready to serve.
  8. Enjoy.


Home made rice flour

sieve flour

Sieve the flour

Rice flour semolina

Heat pan and stir the flour

Saute a bit and remove from pan

Roast coconut a little

Add water

Rice semolina 



Add milk

And add molasses

Ready to serve


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