Taki Fish Bhorta Recipe

Hey, everyone. Today i am going to share taki fish bhorta recipe. Taki fish or spotted snakehead fish is my one of favorite fish. The recipe is very very easy and simple. You just have to fry the fish and mash with spices, thats all. Isn’t it super quick? yes it takes only few times.

Taki Fish Bhorta RecipeOnly two steps needed to make the tasty quick recipe, fry well the fish and take its body without bone. Then mash with other fried ingredients. Now it is ready taki fish bhorta recipe. Whenever i am in a hurry but have to take good meal i just made it. It also saves your time a lot and the fish is enriched with good calories. I add a little onion, if you want skip it. Also can add many thing what you like such ginger or garlic whatever want. I am fond of coriander leaves for that i used it. Many just mashed with potatoes and fry to eat. Different people has various taste to take their food, it depends on ones taste.Lets take a quick look what you need to make the recipe in my pic tutorial;


10pc (Taki fish little size)

1sp Onion

Green chili

1/2sp turmeric

Salt per taste

Coriander leaves


Prep Time: 5min

Cook Time: 10mins

Total Time: 15min

How To Make Taki Fish Bhorta Recipe:

1. At first cut fish head and take the body piece, wash them well.

2. Then mix turmeric and salt.

3. Heat oil on a pan, fry the fish until it looks golden brown.

4. After frying the fish, fry green chili on remaining oil.

5. Remove bone from the fish body and make a paste of green chili and coriander with salt.

6. Next mashed the fish with chili paste.

7. Add onion to enhance the taste.

8. Ready to serve.

9. Enjoy.


Green chili


Coriander leaves




Mix turmeric and salt

Mix well together

Add pan

Add oil

Fry fish

Fried fish

Remove fish bone

Remaining oil fry the chili

Fried green chili

Paste coriander leaves and green chili

Boneless fish mashed


Add onion

Mashed fish


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