Puli Pitha/ Steamed & Stuffed Rice Cakes

Puli Pitha/ Steamed & Stuffed Rice Cakes – one of tasty pitha of winter season. It is sweet and healthy recipe so that anyone can make and taste it. Step by step i have shown picture following those anyone do the same recipe.

Puli Pitha/ Steamed & Stuffed Rice CakesIn these winter season i posted many pitha recipe such as teler pitha, bhapa pitha, chitoi pitha etc. Some of these are so easy and some of a little hard but you can do that. If you has the passion and dedication to do something of course you can. Even my opinion you must do quick before it got too late. Because time will gone forever you never get back. Once time gone you will miss what have i done, if i conscious then my present time would be good. Like life cooking is an art if you concrete it will be just awesome.No more talking lets go to the kitchen.


rice flour

Tasty Rice Flour Pudding

Prep Time: 20min

Cook Time: 15min

Total Time: 35min

How To Make Puli Pitha/ Steamed & Stuffed Rice Cakes:

1. take a pan,boil water, add rice flour, stir quickly on low heat and cook 

2. when it is cool down to make dough for puli pitha.

3. make the dough some small ball pieces and roll each of them to fill.

4. next add filling each one part and joint the edges.

5.gently press them and fold them like the below picture.

6.boil water on a big dish and knot small net to evaporate steam.

7. when it starts steaming add the pitha on the net and cover to cook.

8. after a little while check them and sprinkle water.

9.remove the pitha from pan.

10. repeat again the same process for next batch.

11. ready to serve.

12. enjoy.


1.boil water in a pan

2.add water and stir

3.cook on low heat

4.make a dough

5.round shape

6.dust some flour and roll

7.roll over to make big circle

8.next step add sweet filling tasty rice flour pudding

9.fold the edges and gently press a little

10.cut with some sharp

11.fold like this

12.ready to cook

13.boil water and knot small net to evaporate steam

14.add pitha to steam 

15.cover and make sure steaming well

16.check after 10min and sprinkle water

17.remove by spoon

18.ready to eat

19.taste the tasty puli pitha


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