Steamed Rice Cake/ Bhapa Pitha

Steamed Rice Cake/ Bhapa Pitha is one of my favorite pitha. As a Bengali, pitha is a symbol of our tradition and culture. Because in the beginning of winter farmer cut their crops to stock for the next year. It is a time of happiness, so we make many sweet dishes with new rice to celebrate. From ancient time it begins, still now many continued the tradition. Now in these modern time, we just enjoy making different pithas. Pitha is a combination of rice flour, which can be deep fry, steamed or cooked in many ways. Continue reading

Mashed Potatoes and Cauliflower Leaves Recipe

Cauliflower and its leaves are very beneficial for health. It is enriched with lots of vitamins and minerals. People use only cauliflower head in their dishes and throw away the leafy part as wastage. But with leaves a very tasty recipe can made, if you mashed potato with it the recipe is just made your day. The mashed potatoes and cauliflower leaves recipe is very unique and best i taste ever.

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Jujube Pickle Recipe/ Boroi er Achar

Hi, guys. I am back with my new recipe. Today i am going to describe a pickle recipe. Jujube Pickle Recipe/ Boroi er Achar is very easy to make but taste is just awesome. Besides you can store it for a long time and also can preserve it in freeze. We called jujube as Boroi, Bengali name.

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Make Rice Flour

Hello, everyone. Today i have decided to share a simple doing to make rice flour making process. Because when it comes to describe any kind of pitha recipe, i have to write or tell of making rice flour. In every post writing same thing is just boring. So i separate the process for you to find out easily.

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Steamed Rice Cake Recipe/ Bhapa Pitha

Hey, everyone. Winter has come already. As though, a recipe has to describe, today the topic is pitha, mean of  sweet dish or cake or pudding which made of new date jaggery. In this season different types of sweet pitha or dessert type dish is made not only in our home, but also in every home. Or even in every street corner, with a vehicle hawker sell pitha. So i am going to share a pitha recipe, steamed rice cake recipe/ bhapa pitha.

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Pabda Fish Curry/ Pabda Catfish Recipe

As a Bengali, fish is our favorite dish for daily basis cooking. Today’s my recipe is also fish. Again come back with a simple and quick dish. Pabda Fish Curry/ Pabda Catfish Recipe is a common and healthy recipe, also taste is just awesome. Pabda is one kind of catfish, some people count it as a catfish type.

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