Pabda Fish Curry Recipe

Pabda fish curry recipe one of bengali dish of fish which is very easy to cook and tastes good. Today i will show you a quick version to make it. The recipe is made with potato and shola kochu or malanga coco.

Pabda Fish Curry Recipe

Pabda fish is enriched with lots of vitamins and minerals which beneficial for health. Everyone should listed the fish on their daily basis meal. You can also read may other post of fish recipe.

Lets have a look what we need to make the recipe;


Pabda fish 300g

2 tb sp onion

1sp ginger paste

1sp garlic paste


Green chili

cumin powder

400g malanga coco 

1cup potato


Prep Time: 10min

Cook Time: 20min

Total Time: 30min

How To Make Pabda Fish Curry Recipe:

  1. First of all clean the fish very well and cut the vegetables as per choice. 
  2. then make a paste of ginger, garlic, onion all of together.
  3. next take a bowl add oil, spiced mixture and add step by step other powder ingredients such as turmeric, salt, cumin. Mix them to make a marinate type texture.
  4. add fish into the mixture and mix them.
  5. then add the potato and malanga coco or shola kochu.
  6. mix all the ingredients and start heating on high temperature.
  7. middle of time stir a little.
  8. when all the water evaporates low the heat and cook for 5min.
  9. ready to serve.
  10. enjoy.


1.Pabda fish

2. malanga coco

3. onion, garlic, chili mixed paste

4.take a frying pan

5. add oil

6. mixed paste

7. ginger paste

8. salt per taste

9. turmeric powder

10. cumin powder

11. mix together

12. add pabda fish

13. pabda fish with mixture

14. mix with fish

15. add malanga coco

16. add a little potato slices

17. mix all together

18. mixed with veges

19. add water

20. cover

21. cook on medium heat for 15min

22. ready curry


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