Crocheting Ideas

Hey, guys whats up? Today I am going to share a different story of my passion which is crocheting ideas. I know I learned recently but it gives me pleasure and keeps me to stay calm and do things with patience.


Actually, I was not a lover of crocheting, my mother in law does a lot. One day she told to make a little chain for her, I told I cant do that it’s very difficult to hold a stick and just round it how you do it.

Then she told me if you learn crocheting nothing in the world will give you the pleasure what gives your made things from rounding and rounding call crocheting. Back then I was laughing now I am actually a crochet lover.

Not really I did a lot of crocheting because of time or patient but I loved it how it turns out for me.

I think it actually works for depression or tension such an incredible tonic.

Every woman should do crocheting not being hanging all the time on Facebook or gaming. It is the best quality time for own self.

Heres some of my projects of crocheting ideas you can save it actually amma did all of this, I am not the actual credit owner.

Enjoy the picture. Next, i will post how to crochet and different patterns.

Till then hang with me, bye.

runner table

This one is pretty good for kind of table runner one of my favorite, my in law and I made it together. It was not a very good shot taken, I posted on FB for my friend roughly.

Koti crochet

Simple pattern turns out a big surprise.



And this one is my first one piece of clothing type and turns out so amazing. I gift the Koti one of my cousin she said it is so pretty and I gave her as a present. Giving something to anyone and then when someone smiles with love that is the spacious moment and you forget the time how you made it with so many difficulties.

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