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Mashed Potatoes and Cauliflower Leaves Recipe

Cauliflower and its leaves are very beneficial for health. It is enriched with lots of vitamins and minerals. People use only cauliflower head in their dishes and throw away the leafy part as wastage. But with leaves a very tasty recipe can made, if you mashed potato with it the recipe is just made your day. The mashed potatoes and cauliflower leaves recipe is very unique and best i taste ever.

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Easy Vegetables Recipe

Hello, guys. How are you? Hope all of you well. Today’s recipe is easy vegetables recipe. I am going to share with a common and easy way. In winter various kinds of vegetables are available in market, and they are also reasonable from other season. In this digital world, we can get all kind of vegetable in all season.

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Orange Lentils With Bottle Gourd Recipe/ Lau Recipe

Hi, there. Hope all of you well. Today my post is orange lentils with bottle gourd recipe/ lau recipe. We called it, lau diye masoor er dal. It is one of my favorite dish. Actually i like all of recipe made of bottle gourd, such as, lau vaji, lau with meat, lau with milk, lau shak etc and etc. isn’t it funny? of course its not. Because i am the biggest fan of lau, just jokking. Lets go to our kitchen room, find out what i have to share.

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Malanga Coco/ Maan kochu Recipe

Hey, everyone. Hope you guys are doing well. Winter has come. So it becomes a dull and no sun day. But i am enjoying, because my favorite season is winter. In the day, when sun comes with a light shine, perfect that is my favorite moment. Malanga Coco/ Maan kochu Recipe is the dish for today.

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