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Teler Pitha With Molasses

Hey, everyone i am back with another winter sweet pitha recipe. All of them i like teler pitha with molasses very much. When ever i go home, mother always make for me with her happily face because she knows i love it. From super fresh new molasses i made this one, before explaining the recipe i tell you the pitha is deep fried.

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Steamed Rice Cake/ Bhapa Pitha

Steamed Rice Cake/ Bhapa Pitha is one of my favorite pitha. As a Bengali, pitha is a symbol of our tradition and culture. Because in the beginning of winter farmer cut their crops to stock for the next year. It is a time of happiness, so we make many sweet dishes with new rice to celebrate. From ancient time it begins, still now many continued the tradition. Now in these modern time, we just enjoy making different pithas. Pitha is a combination of rice flour, which can be deep fry, steamed or cooked in many ways. Continue reading